Our 5 Step Body Perfecting Skin Care Routine - BIA SKIN


Purify skin of excess oil, grime and everyday pollutants to minimize pore congestion. Skin should be clean but not over-stripped of its functional barriers. Skin should feel refreshed and hydrated after cleansing, not dry or tight. When cleansing massage cleanser into a gentle lather and complete with a thorough rinsing of warm water.

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Clear away dead skin cells and make way for smoother, radiant skin. Exfoliation keeps skin bright, clear, and encourages production of new skin cells in the epidermis. Physical exfoliation uses beads or grains to slough-off the uppermost layer of skin cells, while micro or chemical exfoliation uses acid and enzyme compounds to achieve the desired sloughing.

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Infused with glycolic acid to penetrate deeply and loosen dead skin cells while ocean friendly silica beads gently sweep them away.


Use a serum or treatments with active ingredients to target specific skin concerns like blemishes, rough skin, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles. Application following exfoliation allows for maximum absorption into the dermis.

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Lather skin with a body moisturizer infused with antioxidants and vitamins to keep skin nourished and supple. Regular moisturization protects and builds the skin barrier while keeping it smooth and soft to the touch.

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Body oil can provide a concentrated does of antioxidants and extra lubrication for dry or ashy skin. A quality oil will not leave skin “oily” in fact the opposite, a good oil will penetrate deeply into the skin sealing in moisturize and increasing skin elasticity while leaving skin with a silky feel.

Learn about Body Gloss  a luxurious body oil, to nourish, lubricate and protect the skin barrier. A subtle shimmer leaves skin looking flawless and finished.