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The #INHERSKIN Campaign encourages women of all different body types and ages to celebrate the skin they’re in. Working with partners and influencers we invite women to:

→ Share a photo where you’re really feeling yourself⁠

→ Tell us when you feel your sexiest, most powerful, at peace with or any other story you may have around your journey with body acceptance and celebration.⁠

→ Tag us in your post and follow our account to hear other women’s stories.⁠

My Why ♥️

I have been in marketing for over 10 years and I’ve been involved in many photoshoots⁠.

When I entered the industry I just kind of accepted like most of us the typical beauty standard for models. Had to be tall, thin and young ect .⁠

I never considered how consciously or unconsciously that other women were measuring their self worth by these standards. And I was too.⁠

But over the last several years I have really been able to shift my mindset…⁠

I think it’s because I’ve begun to surround myself with strong women, on social media I follow people with more substance, and also working in downtown Vancouver the offices I work in have young women in their 20s who are unapologetically living all kinds of different lifestyles that I think many women who grew up in their 30s and 40s never really considered as an option.⁠

This has lead me in my work to use more diverse models and also create content that questions and explores our culture.⁠

I can appreciate and see the beauty in all of humanity and I don’t hold myself to these crazy beauty standards like I used too. ⁠

And I want ALL women to feel like this or at least I want to start moving the needle and creating conversation.⁠

Sharing our struggles makes everyone feel less alone and sharing when you really feel good in your own skin is contagious. It gives other women the permission to ease up and hopefully together we can get to a place where we all really just love and appreciate our own bodies.⁠