Our Founder

natasha ingram, bia skin

When I was 14 years old working for McDonalds I would take my $300 paycheck and head to the department store for a tiny jar of $100 face cream. I’m the girl scouring the beauty blogs, posting #shelfies and following a regimented 10 step nighttime routine. I don’t know where this infatuation comes from but I’ve had it all my life. I’m skin obsessed.

I realized that while we spend so much time and effort protecting the skin on our face we often neglect the other 90% of our body.

My whole life I’ve had a condition called Keratosis Pilaris (small, rough, red bumps on the skin) that have always made me self conscious – and it’s very common, between 30-70% of people have some form of this condition. When I started to talk to my friends about it they had their own set of gripes, body acne, rough flaky skin, bumps, ingrown hairs, sunspots, stretch marks… But while there are a ton of delicious smelling body soaps and creams on the market I couldn’t think of brands that contained concentrated doses of active ingredients to specifically treat the conditions we were talking about and that helped delay the signs of aging on the body.

I already knew where to find my perfect partner. A few months beforehand I had started some contract work with a Vancouver based skincare lab. They’ve been in business for over 30 years with extensive experience in research and creating formulations for many of the industries biggest brands. I couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable and meticulous team to help develop my line. For over 9 months we went back and forth to create 6 products that would make up the perfect body care routine.

Now that I had my formulations I had to decide what I wanted to stand for as a company. I couldn’t subscribe to the typical beauty brand mentality. It’s fundamental to me that women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities are represented and celebrated. I also want to change the conversation to create a judgement free space where women can genuinely come as they are. Our first campaign #INHERSKIN is a conversation with our community about how we’re able to come to a place of self acceptance within our own bodies, or if we’re not there to honestly discuss our struggles. Our hope is that through our online communities we can continue the conversation.

So that’s my story – and I hope you choose to follow along on this journey with the launch of BIA Skin.

Find BIA Skin on Instagram, and myself at @hustler_with_heart